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¿Qué he sacado con quererte?

It started with a gift, Isabel de la Mora (idelamo) created a cover of Violeta Parra's song. Qué he sacado con quererte? and handed it to me to play with it.


One day when listening to images come to my mind, smooth movements are drawn, scenarios are built ...


Women in cyclic movement within their own body finding a rhythm. Being music.


Selected for the dancefilm showcase for the state of Jalisco: ANTROPOSFERA 2019


Made possible by Fortuna Producción Escénica and Látido Púrpura.

Screened at:

  • Tapalpa

  • Gdl - ITESO 

  • Etzatlan

  • Cocula

  • Biblioteca los Mangos PV

  • San Juan de los lagos

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