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Tu modo de ver


Photography: Carla Alcántara - TEMPO 


Contemporary dance piece inspired by two books:


"Ways of seeing" by John Berger, where he analyzes the way we see and de-codify what we see, considering our culture, and our beliefs.



Body, Dance and Woman, which narrates how the woman constructs her conception of body and identity; as she knows herself within her physicality and perceives her as her reality.  All this, adapted  to the social imposition towards women.

Photography: Ashly Mouett


Directed by Patsy Valdez

Created in collaboration with: Annya Katerinna SC, Malinalli López and Renata Pérez.


Presented as part of the graduation function of the third generation of the CDPEBC DelOtroLadodelaSurface in:

CEART Rosarito

CEART Ensenada

CEART Tecate

Casa de la Cultura Tijuana

My experiences dress and clothe me and I keep those fabrics with the illusory thought that they belong to me, forever weighing, brushing my skin. Drowning my body. 

Those clothes that enclose my freedom in the confines of my perspective.

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